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The Water Planner 2017

January 10 Wyoming Legislative Session convenes
11 Wyoming Water Association Winter Board Meeting and Legislative Update; Cheyenne
10-11 NWRA Leadership Forum; Las Vegas, NV
18-19 WY Game and Fish Commission Meeting; Cheyenne, WY
28 NACD Meeting; Denver, CO
February 6-10 BOC Meeting; Cheyenne, WY
14 Water Forum; Cheyenne, WY
March 2 WWDC Workshop, Cheyenne, WY
3 WWDC Meeting; Cheyenne, WY
14 Water Forum; Cheyenne, WY
20-22 NWRA Federal Water issues Conference; Washington DC
April 18-21 WARWS Spring Training Conference; Casper, WY
May 2-4 WWDC Consultant Selection Interviews
5 WWDC Meeting; Cheyenne, WY
8-12 BOC Meeting; Cheyenne, WY
9 Water Forum; Cheyenne, WY

List of Abbreviations:

AAG - American Association of Geographers
AWRA - American Water Resources Association
CLE - Continuing Legal Education
NWRA - National Water Resources Association
SEO - State Engineer's Office
SWC - Select Water Committee
WARWS - Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems
WWDC - Wyoming Water Development Commission

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